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Middle East Forum
for Policies and Future Studies

Established in 2019 and based in Ankara-Turkey, the Middle Forum for Policies and Future Studies supports pluralistic approach to future studies and promotes human rights sensitive policies and works on advising stakeholders on a strategic level all over the Middle East region.

Board of Trustees (Advisory Board)

Composed of Arab and international political, diplomatic and academic figures.

Areas of interest

  1. Peacebuilding.
  2. Gender equality.
  3. Citizenship and identity.
  4. Social justice and equity.
  5. Negotiations and diplomacy.
  6. Sovereignty and subordination.
  7. Democracy and transitional justice.
  8. Cooperation between states and societies in the region.
  9. Support and monitor election processes and constitution building.

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Our objectives

  1. Propagating providence and foresight culture.
  2. Raising public awareness through modern means.
  3. Developing and expanding the boundaries of future studies.
  4. Training experts and qualifying local cadres in the area of future studies.
  5. Preparing periodical reports addressing currents and emerging issues in the region.
  6. Preparing studies aimed at reinforcing social values including tolerance and coexistence.
  7. Informing decision makers to advance democratic transitions and peace building in the region.
  8. Providing critical analysis and evaluation of public policies and undertaking research in to the challenges that currently face the region.

Our Vision

To become a leading center in the area of future studies at regional and international level and to institutionalize prospective thinking in decision making, priority setting, peace building, good governance, planning, as well as research and development.