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Why China Couldn’t Stop Coronavirus

The country’s totalitarian state went into overdrive to fight the outbreak. Why didn’t it work?

By: Chris YorkHuffington post, Feb. 17, 2020

Entire cities on lockdown. Armies of engineers mobilised to build entire hospitals in just days. The Kafkaesque tracking and surveillance of those who might be infected.

Faced with a crisis like coronavirus Covid-19, there are tools available to a totalitarian state like China that simply wouldn’t be options somewhere like the UK.

Yet there …

Central banks may mount a coronavirus rescue. It may not be enough

By: Howard Schneider, Leika Kihara, Francesco Canepa.Reuters, Feb. 29, 2020

Cratering markets are pushing global central banks to the point they all warned against and worried about, of an evolving global economic shock hitting at a time when their capacity to respond in force is in doubt even as investors hound them for action.

Buffeted by a global trade war, monetary policymakers were already spending down their “ammunition” to keep a sluggish world economy from …

Gantz Predicts 40 Seats, Poll Gives Him 36

By: Yisrael PriceHamodia, Feb. 18, 2020

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz has predicted that his party will trounce Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu‏‏’s Likud with 40 Knesset seats in the March 2 voting, though the latest polls did not bear him out.

“We’re gonna take 40 seats in the next election,” Gantz said at a campaign event in Tel Aviv on Monday night, according to The Times of Israel.

Two polls released while Gantz …

Lebanese Airline Scraps Decision to Accept Foreign Currency Only

By: Layan Odeh and Dana Khraiche. With assistance by: Paul Wallace and Abeer Abu Omar Bloomberg, Feb. 16, 2020

Lebanon’s Middle East Airlines scrapped a decision to reject payments in the local currency, hours after the nation’s president warned against the move and questioned its legality. As backlash mounted on Sunday, the airline 99% owned by the central bank reversed the announcement to accept payments only in foreign currency, according to its …