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Impacts of COVID-19 on Fragile States (Lebanon)
Apr. 30, 2020

By: Badria Al-Rawi

Globalization has created an interconnected system, in which companies adopted the doctrine of supply chains that led to the emergence of a tangled web of production networks that work together to shape the global economy structure. It was believed that national economies were included and secured in this global network. But what COVID-19 has caused reveals the fragility of this globalized system. Some economic sectors can weather the crisis reasonably well, whereas other sectors can find themselves on the brink of collapse, especially the epidemic prevents the suppliers in a country from providing the necessary and widely used parts. The same is the case with many countries in this world. If some of them overcome the ordeal with major losses compared to their abilities to recover, others may completely collapse, especially in fragile countries. So, how has COVID-19 affected such countries?